CS42 Legend Series Fuel Dispenser

Fuel Dispenser Available Options
International Solenoid Valve
Breakaway and Swivel
IC Card Payment Terminal
English Receipt Printer
Stainless Steel Arm Side and Canopy


1、6200 Main Board: Latest Electronic Technology, More Safety and Stability

2、Intelligent Voice Broadcast System, Printer Bill System, Full-service Customers

3、Adjustable Display: Brightness can be adjusted according to the light

4、Pos Smart Upgrade Simply Maintenance

5、High-precision Flow Meter: Shell use unique technical processing, moistureproof,rustproof, All the advanced design assure outstanding performance no malfunctionswithin 5,000,000 liters, life-cycle can reach 10,000,000 liters and wide temperatureadoption from-40C- 55C.

    Fuel Dispenser Technical Parameters

    • Accuracy: t0.25%
    • Flow Rate Range: 5-50L/Min or 8-80L/Min
    • Intake Vacuum:> 54KPA
    • Display:sales 0.00 to 9999999
    • Noise: < 80dB(A)
    • Volume:0.00 to 99999.99
    • Unit Price: 0.00 to 9999 ( Decimal point position can be chosen)
    • Electrical Totalizer: 0.00 to 99999999.99
    • Electrical Mechanical Totalizer: 0.00 to 999999
    • Power Supply: AC380V or AC220V with a changing range from-15% to + 10%
    • Motor's Output Power: 750W and 1000W
    • Working Environmental Temperature: -40°C to+55

CS42 legend Series Fuel Dispenser Congfiguration Table

Pump TypeNozzleOil ProductDisplayFlow Rate (L/Min)
6H 3PGear Pump6365-50

6H 3P6325-50

6H 3PSubmersible Pump6365-508-80
6H 3P6325-508-80
Net Size:1240*640*2370mm (L*W*H)Package Size:1280*850*2480mm (L*W*H)