N Man Series Fuel Dispenser

Fuel Dispenser Available Options
International Solenoid Valve
Breakaway and Swivel
IC Card Payment Terminal
English Receipt Printer
Stainless Steel Arm Side and Canopy


1、6200 Main Board: Latest Electronic Technology, More Safety and Stability

2、Intelligent Voice Broadcast System, Printer Bill System, Full-service Customers

3、Adjustable Display: Brightness can be adjusted according to the light

4、Pos Smart Upgrade Simply Maintenance

5、High-precision Flow Meter: Shell use unique technical processing, moistureproof,rustproof, All the advanced design assure outstanding performance no malfunctionswithin 5,000,000 liters, life-cycle can reach 10,000,000 liters and wide temperatureadoption from-40C- 55C.

    Fuel Dispenser Technical Parameters

    • Accuracy: t0.25%
    • Flow Rate Range: 5-50L/Min or 8-80L/Min
    • Intake Vacuum:> 54KPA
    • Display:sales 0.00 to 9999999
    • Noise: < 80dB(A)
    • Volume:0.00 to 99999.99
    • Unit Price: 0.00 to 9999 ( Decimal point position can be chosen)
    • Electrical Totalizer: 0.00 to 99999999.99
    • Electrical Mechanical Totalizer: 0.00 to 999999
    • Power Supply: AC380V or AC220V with a changing range from-15% to + 10%
    • Motor's Output Power: 750W and 1000W
    • Working Environmental Temperature: -40°C to+55

N Man Series Fuel Dispenser Congfiguration Table (N Man)

Pump TypeNozzleOil ProductDisplayFlow Rate (L/Min)
1H 1PGear Pump1125-508-80120
2H 1P212 or 45-50

2H 2P222 or 45-508-80
1H 1PSubmersible Pump1125-508-80120
2H 1P212 or 45-508-80
2H 2P222 or 45-508-80
Net Size:1000*537*2075mm (L*W*H)Package Size:1122*604*2225mm (L*W*H)