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Censtar Smart Fuel Dispenser Helps a National Oil Company in Africa


As the leader of smart gas stations, Censtar shoulders its mission and responsibilities, and actively promotes overall station solutions and smart energy consumption terminals to overseas markets. Since the beginning of the year, as the market is picking up, the Censtar team has actively established a connection with a national oil company in southern Africa. They hope to use advanced technology and smart gas station management concepts to promote the intelligentization of energy retail in the country.

Relying on Censtar's technical advantages and rapid market response mechanism, it took only 35 days from demand docking, plan formulation, tender production, and exclusive bidding. At present, 10 smart tankers with 200 guns in the entire station have been successfully delivered. At the same time as the delivery, the senior officials of the country’s oil company fully affirmed, the two sides established a normal communication mechanism, and will use the Censtar standard as the country’s gas station standard to promote nationwide .

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