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Censtar provide ONE TOTAL SOLUTION for filling station, like fuel dispenser, auto tank gauge, petrol pipe, fuel management system, LPG dispenser,tanker truck, LPG, LNG,hydrogen and CNG area.

Gas Dispenser

Censtar offer the customer a turn-key solution for LPG, CNG, LNG,H2 gas stations. Also a complete line of CNG Dispenser, LNG Dispenser,LPG Dispenser, H2 Dispenser.

Skid Mounted Equipment

Censtar mobile flling station containers are reputable for its sturdiness, high security and a fast and easy installation. They can be used in every field of professional petrol supply as they have extensive international licences. They can be used for all popular mediums like gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, kerosene, and vegetable oil as mobile filling station.

Spare Parts

Censtar provide high-quality original accessories for your fuel dispenser, gas dispenser, hydrogen dispenser and other gas station equipment.such as flowmeter,fuel pump, nozzle,hose,fuel motor,solenoid valve,electronic board and so on.


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