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You may encounter some problems with the dispensers, if the following phenomena appear, please check according to recommended methods, which may improve your efficiency and reduce your loss. Please refer to the exploded views when maintaining or overhauling the meter or the pump.

  • leakage from O ring or gasket

    1. The O ring or gasket is inflated or damaged. Replace them and apply grease to them.
    2.Tighten the loose bolts.
  • Single phase motor does not turn

    It is possible that the voltage is excessive low, or the diameter of the cable is too thin. The cross sectional area of the cable should be not less than 2.5mm2. The motor may be damaged when the above problems occur. Avoid such problems.
    The parameter lock 1 does not work
    For parameter programming, enter the parameters and direct the lock to green mark and then relocate it back. If do not follow the procedure above, the lock does not work.
  • When the pump powered, the counter advances before delivery starts.

    1. The hose has flexibility. When pump is powered, oilgoes into the hose and cause the counter to work. In this case, the counter register the same amount each time.
    2. The bottom valve or pipe leaks. The fuelleveldrops in the intervalbetween two deliveries. At the beginning of the next delivery, some gas get into the flow meter. In this case, the longer the interval, the more the counter registers, and when the nozzle is opened, gas comes out of the spout.
    3. The pipeline waves, the bottom valve or pipe leaks and air is sucked in. Repair the pipeline. When lifting the nozzle, motor buzzes without movement, or run abnormally Generally, this is caused by the lack of one phase. Power off the pump immediately to avoid burning out, and check dispenser power supply. If the power supply is good, check the dispenser.
  • The pump blocked

    1. The vanes cannot work freely. Replace them. (Only for vane pump)
    2. There are foreign matters in the pump components. Turn off the pump immediately and remove the matters.
    3. Pumping elements stick to each other because of heat generated by dry running (It is forbidden to run the pump for a long time without fuel). Stop the pump immediately, after cooling down, reassemble the pump. If damaged, replace it.
    4. It is not necessary to replace the complete set of pump if it is struck, only the externalgear and the cover should be replaced with new ones. Please do it according to the following procedure, refer to Figure 11(c):
    a. Keep the strainer installed to the oilinlet clean.
    b. Screw out the internalgear & the driving shaft assembly (Item 1). Clean the fitting surface and oilpassage.
    c. Apply lubricating oilto the driving shaft, and then push internalgear & driving shaft into the pump body. Please do this carefully to avoid damaging the oilseal. The driving shaft should work freely after reassembling.
    d. Put O ring (Item 3)into the pump body and make it rest on the hub of pump body.
    e. Coat the shaft with lubricating oil, assembly the externalgear (Item 2) around the shaft of the cover (Item 4), and then push them into the body.
    f. Please tighten the bolts with turning the belt pulley wheelby hand at the same time.
    g. Check if the belt wheelturn freely.
    Please turn on the pump with oildelivering not less than 5 minutes. Check if the pump can work normally. Pump Subassembly Assembly Diagram
  • Flow meter vibrates

    1. There is dirt on the rollers and connection rods. Disassemble the meter and clean them.
    2. The rollers are worn. Replace them.
    3. The bearings are worn. Replace them
  • Flow meter stuck

    there are foreign matters in the flow meter. Disassemble it and clean out dirt.
  • Inaccurate measurement

    1. Air is in the system. Check the pump, pipe and connections for leakage.
    2. Rust of the meter causes extra wear. Eliminate water in the piping or replace rusted parts.
    3. There is dirt in the fuel. Check every moving part in the meter, if worn, replace or lap it.
    4. Piston cups or the distributing valve is worn. Replace worn parts.
    5. The piston cups leak. Replace them.
    6. The O ring on the sealring is damaged. Replace it.
    7. There is dirt on sliding surfaces of the distributing valve and valve seat. Clean them.
  • Cannot fuel when preset fixed volume

    The preset volume cannot be less than 0.06l. If you program unit price or coefficient etc. prior to presetting volume, then your operation of presetting volume is invalid.
  • Fuel is delivered, but the counter does not register

    The shifting yokes are not properly connected to the meter and the pulser.
  • low flow rate and very high error

    The fuelpipe leaks or the fuelsurface reaches the bottom valve, large amount of air is sucked in, which cannot be totally separated. In this case, the vent pipe discharges much vapor. Fix the piping or raise fuellevelrespectively.
  • Flow rate fluctuates

    1. Disconnect the triangular flange, if the fuelleveldrops, the bottom valve or pipe is leaking.
    2. If the fuelsurface reaches the bottom valve, large amount of air willbe sucked in. Raise the fuellevel.
    3. The bottom valve lacks agility. Clean it.
    4. Fuellevelis too low, so it is difficult to suck in fuel. Raise the fuellevel.
    5. The underground pipe is too shallow, the direct sunshine results in high fueltemperature. Improve the piping system.
    6. The pipeline waves, or goes downslope toward the dispenser, and under direct sunshine. Improve piping system.
  • Abnormal noise

    1.The pump filter is blocked, which needs cleaning.
    2. Vane is broken. Replace it. (Only for vane pump)
    3. The bypass valve does not work properly. Clean or readjust it.
    4. If the pump noise levelfluctuates, see low rate fluctuates.
    5. The motor is not properly connected to the meter. Adjust it.
    6. There are foreign matters in the pump. Disassemble it and clean out dirt.
    7. The pressure of pump is adjusted too high.
  • Fuel discharged from the vent pipe

    1. If fuelis discharged from the vent before or at the moment of pump starting:
    a. The temperature is too high, underground pipe too shallow, or the dispenser or pipe under direct sunlight, which makes the fuelswelland come out. Improve the piping system of the service station.
    b. If two pumps share a fuelsupply line, the less frequently used pump willhas this problem. Improve the piping system.
    2. Fuelcomes out of the vent pipe if the pump has been powered for a long time (or many times) without delivery.
    3. Air sucked in through leaky pipe may result in the air-fuelmixture coming out of the vent pipe.
    4. The float is stuck and fuelwillnot flow back. Fix or replace the float.
  • Causes for flow rate decreasing in the process of fueling

    1.The bottom valve or pump filter is blocked. Clean them.
    2.The vane wears. Replace the vane with new one.
    3.The fuellevelis too low. Raise the level.
    4.The underground pipe is too shallow, the direct sunshine results in high fueltemperature. Improve the piping system.
  • Can’t fuel with motor running

    1.If much vapor discharged from vent pipe:
    a. low fuellevelin tank, air sucked in. Raise fuellevel.
    b. Air is sucked in from filter cover. Replace the filter gasket.
    c. Bypass valve is stuck. Disassemble and clean it.
    d. Air is sucked in from the joint of the pump and the flexible metallic pipe. Replace the gasket.
    e. Float valve is stuck. Eliminate dirt, clean or replace the valve.
    2. If there is no fuelin the filter and vent pipe works normally:
    a. Bottom valve is stuck. Clean or replace it.
    b. Fuellevelis too low. Raise the fuellevel.
    c. Bottom valve leaks, the dry suction of pump is low. Remove the filter top cover, add 1-2 liters fuelinto the filter chamber and turn the pulley counterclockwise (only for gear pump).
    d. The V-belt slips. Tighten or replace the V-belt.
    3.If the pump sounds normal, the filter is fullof fueland the vent pipe works normally and check the solenoid valve or controlcircuit Slow delivery
  • Pump doesn't work occasionally

    1.There a delay function, the intervalbetween two consecutive starts should be longer than 3s.
    2. To check the power supply.