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Censtar has advanced manufacturing facilities after long term continuous investment and development, one manufacturing capacity of output yearly 100,000 units electronic dispensing units has been formed. This is at the No.1 position in China and Asia.


    Fuel station and gas station in the world


    Using equipment of Censtar.


    Countries use Censtar’s equipment until 2019.

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As a leading manufacturer of Petroleum Dispensing Pump, Censtar keeps providing cost-effective products to meet customers' needs in ever changing market conditions.

We have a huge web of sales and service in domestic market of China and forign countries. We have plenty of working people in each corner of the world. Therefore, we have the ability to do the sales and maintenance.

If you are interested in our company and want to open a new world in China or our sale market, welcome to have a deep cooperation with us.

Censtar is committed to the success and growth of agents in different areas.

Win-win is our aim.

We believe that we willhave a pleasant cooperation in the future.

Agent wanted: We are looking forward to cooperating with proper dealer in Vietnam, cambodia, lao, Nepal, Russia, MiddelEast, African, South American country.

Please call 0086-371-67989006 or contact us by [email protected]

Agent Requirements: The agent, with proper dealer certificate authorized by law, should have an experienced and stable service team for after-sales service, and resource in selling petroleum equipment.