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Censtar has advanced manufacturing facilities after long term continuous investment and development, one manufacturing capacity of output yearly 100,000 units electronic dispensing units has been formed. This is at the No.1 position in China and Asia.

Customers’requirement To propose training requirement according to the market needs
Training program To make a training program according to customers’ requirement
Training content To discuss the training content according to the training program with the customers
Training prepare 1.To design training course 2.To prepare the documents
Process tracking To sign and confirm the content of the training
Training test To test the training content
Training certificate To issue the corresponding levelcertificate
  • Censtar Training

  • Censtar Training

  • Censtar Training

Main Content Of Training

  • Acording to the 30-year training experience of Censtar, a set of systematic training program can be customized for different partners.
  • The Compary hes professional traning instructors and the stongest training team in the industry, and all of them have accumulated rich teaching experience in the long-term training work
  • Dring the traning process,various training methocds cant be adopted,such as centralized training, external tour traning,fuel station on-site training and remote network training to carry outtargeted training for trainees such as users, maintenance personnel and management personnel of fuel dispensers.
  • Censtar has a complete database, including books and online data.
  • And Censtar owns training classrooms and training centers.
  • And Censtar owns various rining facilites.CNPC fuel dispensers,CNPC simulation system,sutomersble pump and relevernt parts and components of ful tispenses for raning
  • Since 1998,Censtar has esablshed more 40000 training files,including the basic information of trainees,perfomance during rining traning conents,traning hous ,training achievementetc., as the basis for trainees' management and further training improvement.


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