Super Heavy Duty Fuel Dispenser 800 1000

Super Heavy Duty Fuel Dispenser 800~1000L/M

Fuel Dispenser Available Options
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Super Heavy Duty Fuel Dispenser 800~1000L/M Functions:

This Ultra Heavy Duty Dispenser is especially used for commercial fueling at oil depot or oil distribution site, railway station, to dispense oil, diesel oil or water.

Super Heavy Duty Fuel Dispenser 800~1000L/M Working Principle:

• Classical • Durable • Trustable • Flexible

1、This heavy duty dispenser, equipped with stable electrical components and accurate flow meter, ensure good performance, accuracy, and easy to be operated and maintained.

2、This heavy duty dispenser is driven by a separate pumping unit nearby. The pumping unit should be equipped with 5KW~7.5KW motor.

3、Specially designed Explosion-proof Separating Cabinet, with150mm height, which divides the whole unit into two parts, the upper part is electronic unit, including main board, display and keypad box, etc.Under the Separating Cabinet, there is explosion proof area, including explosion-proof solenoid valve, flow meter, explosion-proof junction box, and explosion-proof communication box, explosion-proof pulser. The two parts are well sealed and isolated.

Super Heavy Duty Fuel Dispenser 800~1000L/M Advantages:

1. Two flow meter, high flow rate meter and spare turbine meter as alternative one used in emergency.

2. Crane rotating pipe (option) and hose used for flexible refueling at different position and direction.

3. Specially designed nozzle holder made of steelpipe, for dropping liquid collection.

4. Rotating nozzle for convenient operation.

5. Automatic heating device for the pipe system.

6. Dualflow rate controlsolenoid valve for accurate measuring.

7. Good accuracy, heavy duty, low noise.

8. Data safe , backup power able to keep the display on at least 15 minutes. Fueling data can be saved for long time

9. Matured computer controltechnology, easy and safe operation.

10. Automatic check function, reset to 0 automatically every time.

11. Preset function, preset volume or amount , preset by backstage system.

12. Stable and good performance. Separate Strong power and weak power syste


Super Heavy Duty Fuel Dispenser 800~1000L/M

Technical Parameters
Flow rate range:100 to 1000 liter per minute
Intake vacuum:≥54kPa
Display:Sales 0.00 to 9999999
Volume:0.00 to 99999.99
Unit price :0.00 to 99999(Decimal point position can be chosen)
Electrical totalizer:Volume 0 to 42949672.95l
Electrical Mechanical TotalizerMoney 0 to 42949672.95RMB
Power supply:AC380V or AC220V with a changing range from -15% to +10%
Working environmental temperature:-20℃ to +55 ℃
Relative humidity:≤95%


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