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Big Step Forward in the 10th Anniversary of BRI - China and UAE Companies to Cooperate on Green Energy


Big Step Forward in the 10th Anniversary of BRI - China and UAE Companies to Cooperate on Green Energy

On October 18 at GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) Global 2023, one of the largest and most influential technology exhibitions in the Middle East, Etisalat Services Holding signed a strategic partnership agreement with Censtar Group as the two companies’ CEO Mr Muammar Naser Al-Rukhaimi and Mr LI Haojie jointly witnessed the signing of the contract in Dubai. According to the contract, the two sides will carry out comprehensive cooperation in the field of new energy in R&D and production in UAE in the near future.

Censtr and UAE Companies to Cooperate on Green Energy

The year of 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Belt and Road Initiative. Over the past decade as Sino-Arab cooperation gradually expanded and deepened, cooperation in the field of hydrogen energy has been proven to have great development potential. Censtar Group and CMD Energy Middle East Alliance worked together on promoting hydrogen energy cooperation project with Etisalat in the field of communication, giving full play to the advantages of hydrogen energy to help reduce carbon emissions in the communications industry.

Censtr and UAE Companies to Cooperate on Green Energy1

Being a type of clean energy, hydrogen energy has great potential in contributing to China's zero-carbon economy and the green "Belt and Road Initiative" innovation. The UAE is one of the first countries in the Middle East to participate in the Belt and Road Initiative, being a reasonable partner with China as always. The UAE is also the first country in the Middle East to commit to reducing carbon emissions in the entire industry chain. According to the target set by the UAE government, the UAE's greenhouse gas emissions is expected to be reduced by 23.5% by 2030. In recent years, the UAE has been actively promoting energy reform and accelerating decarbonization of the energy industry, which is in line with China's promotion of the green Belt and Road Initiative. The two sides are now working together to explore the opportunities of hydrogen energy in the construction of the green Belt and Road Initiative.

Censtr and UAE Companies to Cooperate on Green Energy2

The signing of the project promotion and strategic cooperation agreement between the two companies will further promote the demonstration of China's hydrogen energy application in the United Arab Emirates. It is also one of the substantive projects for Chinese enterprises to leverage Chinese technology in helping UAE achieve carbon emission targets. The cooperation between the two sides will also become a new milestone in Sino-Arab new energy cooperation on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of BRI.

Censtr and UAE Companies to Cooperate on Green Energy2

In recent years, Censtar has been focusing on the new energy sector and has continued to invest hydrogen energy and the green methanol industry chain, with its business scope covering the investment, development and operation of wind power generation projects, green electricity hydrogen production, solid hydrogen storage, hydrogen energy comprehensive application as well as hydrogen oil and gas energy stations.

As a professional technical team with rich experience, Censtar actively deploys the green power generation-green electricity hydrogen-green methanol project in Middle Eastern countries. It is also committed to building the most competitive hydrogen ecological network through the collaborative investment and development of the energy chain in hope of providing all clients with safe, reliable and eco-friendly energy source.

In the coming years, Censtar is resolved in further promoting multinational cooperation specifically with their Middle Eastern friends and partners in seeking new opportunities for green energy development under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative .


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