LNG dispenser
LNG dispenser

LNG dispenser

LNG Dispenser Features
Suitable medium:LNG
Accuracy: ±1.0%
Flow range: 0~80kg/min;0~160kg/min
Environment temperature -30℃~55℃
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LNG Dispenser Main features

· With the functions of quantitative and non-quantitative

· Through the national explosion-proof detection, With the machine explosion-proof certification, safe and reliable.

· Machines can choose with vacuum insulation structure and insulation pipeline structure

· Extensible IC card and printer.

· The swappable volume measurement and quality measurement.

· With break away coupling valve, can provide protection function

· Have the function of pressure and temperature compensation

· When power off ,can protect the data and data delay display function

· Can connect to the management system

· A key can controlthe precooling and refilling


LNG Dispenser Parameters

Suitable medium


Flow range

0~ 80 kg/min;0~ 160 kg/min 



Working pressure


Environment temperature


Pipe temperature


Unit of measurement




The cumulative measurement range


Filling hose

1 inch stainless steelhose 4 m

Back to the gas hose

1/2 inch stainless steelhose 4 m

Explosion-proof rating

ExdeibllBT4 Gb


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