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Censtar fuel dispenser is shining brightly on the border of the motherland!


Censtar, cheer for the "Sea of Death" desert!
Xinjiang · Taklimakan Desert
Taklimakan Desert in southern Xinjiang
The largest desert in China and the second largest mobile desert in the world
The climate here is harsh and it is called "the sea of death"
An average of 297 days per year is either blowing sand or sandstorm
The wind blows on the face like a knife
The surface temperature reaches 72℃ for 5 months in a year
The passage of the desert highway has brought vitality to the local area
PetroChina Shahai gas station is located along the highway
The station uses 4 Censtar fuel dispenser
Among them is a large flow filling machine
Refueling tank trucks designed for oilfield customers
The sand sea gas station is a beautiful landscape in the desert
Not only provide oil products guarantee for desert oil exploration
It also supplements the past logistics vehicles and tourists
There is no "Noah's Ark" on the arteries of northern and southern Xinjiang
Many vehicles simply cannot get out of the sea of death in the desert


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