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Censtar was shortlisted and won the bid for Sinopec Shandong Petroleum Hydrogenation Station Project


Sinopec Shandong Petroleum has seized the opportunity of establishing a strategic cooperative relationship between the group company and the Shandong provincial government, centered on the group company’s “one base, two wings and three new” industrial structure, combined with Shandong’s hydrogen energy industry development plan, and proceeded in an orderly manner by region and by batch. The construction of the hydrogen station project will make every effort to build an integrated operation model of the hydrogen energy industry chain. Up to now, 10 hydrogen refueling stations have entered the construction report stage and have been included in the development plan by the Shandong Provincial Government, striving to build 10 hydrogen refueling stations within this year and 100 hydrogen refueling stations during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

Censtar won the bid for Shandong this time and actively participated in the mid- and long-term planning of Shandong's hydrogen industry development and Sinopec's new energy business plan, assisting the construction of Shandong's first hydrogen energy promotion demonstration province, and contributing to the realization of the 2060 "carbon neutral" goal.


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