Censtar EV AC Charger Piles

Main Features
Used for electric vehicle’s AC charging
Used in charging station, parking lot and garage
Integrated the monitor, electricalmeasurement unit, card reader, printer, Human–Machine Interaction, communication module, charging port, enforcement agencies and outside cabinet as a whole.
Can be connected with the IC card system of Censtar Oil, Gas and Electric Station

1. The AC input is equipped with a leakage protection switch, which has overload protection, short circuit protection and leakage protection functions on the output side.

2. The AC input is equipped with a lightning protector, which has protection functions against induction lightning and operation overvoltage.

3. The AC output is equipped with an AC smart energy meter, which can perform AC charging electricity measurement.

4. Configure the color touch screen or LCD and button man-machine operation interface, charging billing method, you can set the amount of electricity, according to the amount and time; during the charging process, real-time display of the charging method, time, power and billing information.

    5. With lock card reader or RF card reader, support IC card payment method.

    6. The charging pile has an emergency stop button switch, which can quickly cut off the output power.

    7. The charging pile has external communication function, which can upload user information and device status information to the background monitoring system to obtain and execute the control commands of the background monitoring system.

    8. The charging interface connector has a locking device to prevent accidental disconnection when connected, and has an anti-misoperation function.